You’ve invested the time, money and energy into bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement. So, when it is time for your employees to vote to either approve, or not approve a proposed Enterprise Agreement, you’ll want to conduct the ballot in a manner that is most likely to lead to a successful outcome. Successful ballots have two key features, they’re well communicated and simple to participate in.

That is not as simple as it sounds. Enterprise Agreement ballots must be certified and conducted in accordance with strict legal rules. In the event of a challenge, or enquiries from the Fair Work Commission the results must meet strict evidentiary requirements.

IR BLOTS, formerly IRiQ Balloting, conducts Enterprise Agreement ballots using our proprietary software BLOTS, designed and developed by us. We recommend our clients use IR BLOTS because it provides a balloting platform that employers can rely on to be simple enough to participate in and rigorous enough to withstand challenge.

Key features of the BLOTS system include:

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