Avoid payroll remediation by complying with your employment obligations

Payroll audits are done to ensure a business’ payroll processes are accurate and the business is complying with its obligations at law.  There are serious penalties for what is termed Wage Theft including it becoming a criminal offence in many states of Australia. Conducting a payroll audit and ongoing checks can be a difficult and complex task without an external auditor.

Once you have established there may be a problem, IRiQ Law can assist you with how you approach rectifying errors, minimising the risk to your organisation. Whether it be underpayments in wages, workers compensation premiums, taxation, payroll tax, superannuation etc IRiQ can advise you.

IRiQ Law has both the data analytical capability and legal understanding of what you should be paying so you can have confidence in an independent external payroll audit which is captured by legal professional privilege where the dominant purpose of that audit is to provide you with legal advice regarding your obligations. As a business owner and employer, it is important to comply with set wage standards to avoid wage remediation. Wage remediation can result in penalties, fines and in some cases imprisonment. Additionally, it can lead to negative brand associations which will negatively affect your business’ brand. Therefore, a competent lawyer who understands payroll analytics is hard to find.  IRiQ can provide just that and be invaluable for your business.

IRiQ Law can assist you in making sure your business complies with industry awards, superannuation, workers’ compensation requirements, enterprise agreements and national employment standards. We ensure all data is up to date by using IRPay which is a proprietary system to aid in auditing up to 6 years of payroll data including awards, enterprise agreements and national employment standards. 

We can assist you in the following ways:

Why IRiQ Law?

We understand that as a business owner, it can be comforting to know that assistance is close at hand when questions or problems arise. Therefore, our team of employment experts is available on-call when you require expert advice! IRiQ Law can help you, not only with payroll, wage remediation and auditing, but also with questions regarding dispute prevention, advocacy, dispute resolution, mediation, consulting, negotiations, unfair dismissals, and with bullying/discrimination and harassment cases. You can read more about all our services here.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced and qualified team. We take pride in our proven ability to develop an effective strategy that matches our services with your business needs to reach your objectives. We look forward to assisting you with your future payroll audit!