Is your Employee trying to sue you?

Having an experienced employment lawyer is crucial to ensure you are prepared.

Running a business with employees can impose the potential risk of legal action from employees. This does not always mean that you will endure tremendous loss, especially if you have implemented the essential policies, procedures and practices into your business to ensure that you are protecting the rights of your employees and abiding by the National Employment Standards and Award or Enterprise Agreement entitlements. A good employment lawyer can quickly advise you on what you need to do to stay out of trouble.

The most common form of employer lawsuits actioned by employees in Australia include:

It is advantageous to seek advice from an employment lawyer to prevent legality cases from occurring, however, if an employee is currently taking legal action against your business, it is important to handle the situation correctly to ensure business and potentially any personal assets are not in jeopardy.

At IRIQ our expert employment lawyers act nationally for employers and offer services that meet the employer’s needs. This includes:

Feeling uncertain about your rights as an Employer?

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