IRPay – Wage Audits and Remediation

Wage Audits

Don’t find yourself being accused of wage theft, ensure you are complying with workers compensation requirements and declaring wages correctly by contacting IRIQ Law to conduct your businesses wage audits and remediation. At IRIQ Law, we use a proprietary system (IRPay) to assist with auditing six years of your payroll data. We audit all scenarios including awards, enterprise agreements and national employment standards (NES). Conducting an internal audit and ongoing checks can be a difficult and complex task without an external auditor. IRIQ Law has both the data analytical capability and legal understanding of what you should be paying so you can achieve certified audit results.

Wage Remediation

Avoid remediation work by eliminating the associated financial and brand-damaging risk factors with non-compliance and underpayment of wages. We assess the relationships between employers and employees, payroll and internal processes and procedures to help you manage and evaluate any issues of non-compliance. If non-compliance and underplay issues have been identified, we then need to determine:
– How much you have underpaying your employees
– How many people have been affected
– The quality of your processes and procedures
– Put in place a plan to rectify any issues

Minimum Wage

For employees in the national workplace system, minimum wage is reviewed annually at the end of each financial year by the Fair Work Commission. The Commission’s expert panel is responsible for settling wages and determining minimums for employees not covered by an award. The annual review affects both employees who are and are not covered by an award. Managing payrolls effectively will ensure you are set up for the future. For clarity or if you are concerned about wage audits and remediation contact IRIQ Law for more information and a cost estimate.